Crafting a bespoke dress is quite a journey, but it is one we undertake together and you are involved every step of the way.

It commences with a phone call, email or Facebook message, where we discuss your budget, dream dress, the type of wedding you are having/event you are attending and any wishes you have. You are then invited to a cost free consultation at my studio, where you will be measured and I encourage you to bring in any magazine clippings, materials, photos, jewelry, heirloom or ideas you may have about your outfit and you are welcome to bring someone with you.  A quote for construction will be sent to you and then confirmed.

You will then be invited back to have your first fitting, which will be made out of twial (a fabric used to show the style and cut of the dress) and we will discuss any alterations required. Once you are happy with the shape, style and cut of the dress, I start crafting your unique, beautiful garment. Several fittings and alterations will occur over a six to twelve week period, and you will be invited back to try on as required. I encourage you to come after your makeup and hair trial, with any accessories you will be wearing, so you can see how it all fits together. You will pick up your outfit prior to the event, once you are happy that it is perfect for your occasion.  To find out more about me, review some of my testimonials or read my story. I would love to be part of your big day, give me a call today!